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The History in the Bible Podcast Companion is a projected set of four books, published by Chippendale Books, and available only from Amazon. Two volumes have been published to date.

There will not be a hardback edition, nor a Kindle edition. A Kindle edition is just photons dancing in the air, and you can get that experience already from this website.

The volumes are paperbacks, in standard US paperback size (6×9″, 15×23 cm)

The volumes sell for $US 12 to $US 18, depending on their page counts. Of that, I get a whopping two bucks. I’m not making money out of this, people. I have no idea how much it will cost in your country. Since Amazon uses many different printers for its books, I have no control over the physical quality of the book. My own author copies look just fine.

Problems Ordering from Amazon?

Sometimes Amazon shows one of the books as unavailable. That should be impossible, since they are printed on demand. I suspect the problem lies in the combination of your location and the regional Amazon market-place (country) you are ordering from. I can only suggest trying a different market-place. That can take some effort. For example, I have to make a real effort to order from Amazon US, since Amazon persists in offering me Amazon Australia. It's a pain.

Volume 1 Genesis to Babylon

Cover of Genesis to Babylon, volume 1 of the Companion

This volume of the Companion includes the scripts of the first season. It covers the books of Genesis through to the prophets who lived before the Exile, ending with Habakkuk. It provides an introduction to the archaeology of the Middle East and Mesopotamia, the history of the Hebrews in the Bronze Age, the united kingdom of David and Solomon, and its two successor kingdoms, Israel and Judah.

This volume is a whopping 580 pages. It sells for $US 18.00.

Where To Buy It

If you decide to buy a copy, I do hope you enjoy it and find it a worthy companion to your podcast listening.

You can buy it from these regional Amazon market-places:

Volume 2 Age of the Second Temple

Forthcoming in late 2024.

Volume 3 The Heirs of Abraham

Forthcoming in early 2025.

Volume 4 Essential Resources

Cover of Essential Resources, volume 4 of the Companion

Essential Resources consists of an enhanced version of all the material on this website, material it is impossible to convey aurally in a podcast. It is not a weighty tome. The book is 150 pages in length, and in full colour. It sells for $US 12. It is full to the brim with tables, charts, time-lines, and figures.

Where To Buy It

You can buy it from these regional Amazon market-places:

For whatever reason, it is not available from Amazon Australia. Oh, the irony.

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