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Podcast Episode: 2.3 The Ezra Muddle.

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Disentangling the Many Books of Ezra

The many books of Ezra in the Jewish and Christian traditions are a nightmare to distentangle. In the chart below I do my best to work out the mess.

Jewish Tradition Modern Catholic and Protestant Latin Vulgate (Former Catholic) Ethiopian LXX & Greek Orthodox Slavonic Orthodox Content and Notes
Ezra Ezra 1 Esdras 1 Ezra Esdras β
1 Esdras
Nehemiah 2 Esdras (Nehemias)
2 Ezra
3 Esdras

Known as 1 Esdras in early editions of the King James Bible, and in the modern NRSV.
Esdras α

Also called Greek Ezra.
2 Esdras Consists of 2 Chron 35-36, Ezra 1-10, Nehemiah 7:72-8:13, and the Story of the Three Youths.
4 Esdras (as an appendix)

Also called Latin Esdras or Latin Ezra.

Known as 2 Esdras in early editions of the King James Bible, and in the modern NRSV.
Ezra Setuel 3 Esdras (as an appendix) Ch. 3–14 consist of the book known as 4 Ezra, or the Jewish Apocalypse of Ezra. Probably written 100–150 AD.
Ch. 1–2 consist of the book known as 5 Ezra. Probably written 180–300 AD.
Ch. 15–16 consist of the book known as 6 Ezra. Probably written 100–300 AD.

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