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Prophets of the Old Testament

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Here I list all the major prophets in the Old Testament.

All the Major Prophets, and Then Some

Prophet Nationality Area of Activity Possible Dates of Activity (BC) Kings
Elijah Israelite Israel 860–850 Ahab and Ahaziah
Elisha Israelite Israel 850–810 Ahaziah to Jehoash
Amos Judean Israel 780–750 Jeroboam II
Hosea Israelite Israel 780–750 Jeroboam II
Isaiah Judean Judah 740–700 Azariah to Hezekiah
Micah Judean Judah 740–690 Jotham to Hezekiah
Nahum Judean? Judah 700–600 Manasseh? Josiah or later?
Zephaniah Judean Judah 640–610 Josiah
Jeremiah Judean Judah 625–585 Josiah to Zedakiah
Habakkuk Judean Judah 600–585 Josiah to Zedekiah
Ezekiel Judean Babylon 595–570 Jehoiachin, Zedakiah
Baruch Judean Babylon 590–580
Haggai Judean Persian Yehud 520–500
Zechariah Judean Persian Yehud 520–500
Malachi Judean Persian Yehud 460–450
Obadiah Judean Babylon? Indeterminate
Jonah Judean Supposedly Assyria Indeterminate
Daniel Judean Supposedly Babylon Second half written in Maccabean times, before 164
Joel Judean Persian Yehud? Indeterminate

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